Drexel UHC Data Portal

UHC Data Portal Updates: July 2023

UHC, June 28, 2023

New datasets and updated documents

Added data will be updated regularly based on ongoing projects, with an emphasis on datasets useful for multiple projects.  Additional data are available in the UHC repository, which are not currently available on the portal. During the past month Research and Data core had more focus on updating documents for the current datasets rather than adding new datasets to the portal. Below are the list of updated documents and/or summary files for previous month.

  • Updated documents and/or summary files

·         Average percent impervious National Land Cover Dataset

·         Percent Green National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD) Contiguous US

·         American Community Survey 5-year_ZCTA (2015-2019)

·         Census Tracts 2020 Philadelphia Reading Camden CSA

·         ZCTA 2020 Philadelphia Reading Camden CSA

Links to documentation for Census Tracts 2020 and ZCTA 2020 are to the same document which addresses Census 2020 boundaries in general. This document includes information about special land use/low population tracts and includes summary information about tract differences between 2010 and 2020.

As part of its ongoing efforts, UHC Research and Data Core is working to expand the types of data available from its repository. Reach out to UHCdata@drexel.edu with any specific requests. To ensure the accuracy of all data, the UHC Research and Data Core will update it as soon as possible.