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UHC Data Portal Updates: Aug 2023

UHC, August 28, 2023

During the summer, UHC R&D Team focused primarily on Data Portal developments by adding new tags to datasets to make the platform more accessible and user-friendly. The portal has also been updated with new datasets.

  • New Dataset Added

•              Gentrification measures: Gentrification is a commonly discussed topic. There are no universally accepted definitions of gentrification. The UHC gentrification working group developed a measure that uses shifts in affordability and economics and classifies census tracts as ineligible to gentrify, not gentrified, gentrification, and intense gentrification. The gentrification measure included on the UHC Data Portal uses census tracts in the top 25th percentile of median household income as being ineligible to gentrify (recommended definition) and represents gentrification from 2010 to 2020.

•              More information about how the gentrification measure was created and background about gentrification, see the UHC Methods Brief “A MEASURE OF GENTRIFICATION FOR USE IN LONGITUDINAL PUBLIC HEALTH STUDIES IN THE US” ( https://drexel.edu/uhc/resources/briefs/Measure-of-Gentrification-for-Use-in-Longitudinal-Public-Health-Studies-in-the-US/ ).

Please note that UHC has gentrification from 1990 to 2000 and 2000 to 2010 that can be requested after completing a data use agreement. There are also definitions for “ineligible to gentrify” using the 50th (more conservative) and 10th (more liberal) percentiles for sensitivity analysis. E-mail UHCdata@drexel.edu for information about accessing additional data.

As part of its ongoing efforts, UHC Research and Data Core is working to expand the types of data available from its repository. Reach out to UHCdata@drexel.edu with any specific requests. To ensure the accuracy of all data, the UHC Research and Data Core will update it as soon as possible.