Drexel UHC Data Portal

UHC Data Portal Updates: March 2024  

UHC, April 5, 2024

The UHC Research and Data Core is working hard to add more data to the repository. They’ll update the portal quickly to make sure all the information is accurate. Data Team tries to update all the available data as much as possible. 

Data Portal Update 

UHC Data Team has introduced a new tab within its data portal system, named “Products” that contains Tools and Dashboards prepared by members of the UHC team. These tools often feature user-friendly interfaces, data manipulation capabilities, and interactive visualizations that enable users to interact with datasets, explore other projects, and derive insights to inform decision-making processes. Some of these dashboards contain data that can be downloaded for public use. The goal of these tools is to empower users with the ability to interactively engage with data, uncover patterns or relationships, and ultimately make informed decisions based on their findings. 

If your project has created any Tools or Dashboards, please use submit the information to http://tinyurl.com/uhcdatatoolform. 

Reach out to UHCdata@drexel.edu with any specific requests.  

The Drexel Urban Health Collaborative Research and Data Core

The Core supports work that characterizes health in cities and conducts research on health determinants and the impact of policies. As part of its activities, the Core compiles data on health determinants and outcomes for the Philadelphia region. The Core houses data from over 50 data sources and more than 500,000 records. They are working to transfer some of these data to the portal. To get more information, please contact UHCData@drexel.edu.