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Census/ACS Resource Sheet

uhc, January 31, 2023

What is a resource sheet? 

UHC R&D team will soon be adding a new resource sheet tab to the UHC Data Portal. In this new resource sheet tab, the R&D team plans to provide extra information for inexperienced users to help them get more clarity on what and how to use datasets on the UHC Data Portal.  

Our first resource sheet provides some tips on using the Census and American Community Survey (ACS) dataset series. This resource sheet will help users understand the Census and ACS basics, how the data can be used including comparing over time, the difference between decennial census and ACS 5-year aggregate estimates, and much more information. The UHC R&D team also provides additional ACS resources, including technical documentation and codebook for more advanced users, under each dataset included on the UHC Data Portal. 

Click here to read the Census/ACS Resource Sheet

The UHC Research and Data Core is actively working on providing new dataset to be added to the portal and provide additional resource sheets on some datasets to provide tips on data use. If you are looking for more Information on specific dataset, please contact UHCData@drexel.edu.