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UHC Data Portal Updates: OCT 2023 

UHC, October 26, 2023

The UHC Research and Data Core is actively working to expand which data from the repository are available; reach out to UHCdata@drexel.edu with any specific requests. All available data will be updated as possible by the UHC Research and Data Core.   New Added Dataset   • Tree Canopy for Contiguous US in years 2011, 2016, and 2019: Tract […]

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UHC Data Portal Updates: Sep 2023

UHC, September 29, 2023

As part of its ongoing efforts, UHC Research and Data Core is working to expand the types of data available from its repository. Reach out to UHCdata@drexel.edu with any specific requests. To ensure the accuracy of all data, the UHC Research and Data Core will update it as soon as possible. New Added Documentation Additional […]

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UHC Data Portal Updates: Aug 2023

UHC, August 28, 2023

During the summer, UHC R&D Team focused primarily on Data Portal developments by adding new tags to datasets to make the platform more accessible and user-friendly. The portal has also been updated with new datasets. •              Gentrification measures: Gentrification is a commonly discussed topic. There are no universally accepted definitions of gentrification. The UHC gentrification […]

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The Drexel Urban Health Collaborative Research and Data Core

The Core supports work that characterizes health in cities and conducts research on health determinants and the impact of policies. As part of its activities, the Core compiles data on health determinants and outcomes for the Philadelphia region. The Core houses data from over 50 data sources and more than 500,000 records. They are working to transfer some of these data to the portal. To get more information, please contact UHCData@drexel.edu.